Sponsor Licence Applications – Priority Service

Business immigration | November 2021

Since 1st January 2021, any UK business seeking to employ overseas nationals, including EEA and Swiss Citizens must hold a Sponsor Licence. This is a formal licence, granted to businesses that have been authorised by the Home Office to employ migrant workers who do not have permission to work in the UK under any other immigration category. The process of obtaining a licence involves making an online application, appointing key personnel to help manage the licence, paying the correct fee and submitting specified evidence to demonstrate that the business is established and reliable. In some cases, the Home Office will also pay a visit to the Sponsor’s business premises.

Once submitted, most applications are decided within 8 weeks. For an additional £500, the pre-licence priority service will reduce that window to 10 working days.

Read further on how the Sponsor Licence priority service works and learn about its limitations

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Family law: Agreeing if your child should receive the Covid-19 Vaccine

September 21 2021

At the time of writing, the government has announced that children aged between 12-15 and 16 and 17 years can have the Covid-19 vaccine.  It should also be noted that if taking a child abroad for a holiday you will need to check the entry requirements for that specific jurisdiction. Currently in the UK, the only children aged 12 or above who have a very high risk of exposure and serious outcomes have been invited to have the vaccine until now. It may therefore be a possibility that in the near future you may have to decide whether or not your child should have the Covid-19 vaccine (or any other kind of vaccine).

Read further re parental responsibility and who makes the decision as to whether a child should be vaccinated or not.

If you have concerns in relation to Parental Responsibility decisions or contact arrangements we are here to help. We offer a 45-minute free consultation to discuss children matters, divorce, matrimonial finances or any aspect of family law, either during the week or on a Saturday, at your convenience. The consultation can take place by telephone or by zoom. Call our family law solicitors on 020 7022 9891 to sound us out.

Probate disputes and how to avoid them

Probate disputes arise when there’s a disagreement over the administration of someone’s estate when they die. This could include a dispute over the value of assets, the interpretation of a Will or dealing with difficult executors.

Probate disputes are on the rise and there are a number of reasons for this:

  • With an increase in second marriages, families are now more diverse than ever. Where couples have separated and then merged with new families, the cross-over can cause conflicts
  • An increase in life expectancy means people are making Wills, or changing them, at an older age. This can lead to concerns that they weren’t in the right frame of mind at the time
  • With property prices higher than ever, people’s estates are worth more. Generally, the more money there is at stake, the greater the likelihood of a dispute

Continue reading about common probate disputes

Our Will and Probate Solicitors in London’s Canary Wharf, Docklands E14 will help you understand the process to contest a Will or Probate. It is more common than you think. Call us on 020 7022 9891 for professional legal advice.

Property disputes: evicting a residential tenant

Whether you are a landlord with a property portfolio or you have a second home to rent out to tenants, property can be a great way to make an income.

Just like any business, however, renting property is not without its challenges. One of the more stressful aspects is dealing with evictions. Nobody ever wants to be in the position where they are forced to evict a tenant but sometimes, you are left with no choice.

If you do need to evict a residential tenant, it’s important to follow strict procedures. Failure to do so could result in you being found guilty of harassing or illegally evicting tenants. Read more on checking whether you have grounds to evict your tenant

If you have an issue with a tenant or another residential property issue where you need expert advice, call us on 020 7022 9891 to speak to a solicitor today and to prevent your case from becoming contentious costly and complex.

Immigration law news

Since joining forces with fellow Docklands solicitors Kidd Rapinet in London E14 we are pleased to be able to offer legal expertise on immigration law matters for businesses. For further details, please call us on 020 7022 9891.

Immigration concessions: Free UK Visa Extensions for Health Care Workers

Eligible health care workers from overseas are able to extend their Visa free of charge for a 12 month period.

This concession, first introduced when the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic hit in early 2020, was initially for doctors, nurses and paramedics seeking a visa extension. It was subsequently extended to other front-line positions on 29th April 2020. Read more …

Graduate Immigration Route: new work opportunities for international students graduating in the UK

From 1st July 2021 the new ‘Graduate Route’ will open a door to new work opportunities for international students who have invested in a UK education. It also allows the UK to retain bright and ambitious graduates who can contribute to the economy, without initially imposing stringent criteria on UK businesses. Read more …

Visa expiring – applying for exceptional assurance provision

Exceptional Assurance Provision extended until 30th June 2021: When travel restrictions were first imposed at the start of the pandemic, the Government introduced measures to protect those whose visas were expiring but were unable to leave the UK. These individuals were given the opportunity to apply for an extension of stay known as ‘exceptional assurance’. Read more …

Personal injury news

Since joining forces with fellow Docklands solicitors Kidd Rapinet in London E14 we can now boast senior lawyers with a wealth of expertise in personal injury and clinical negligence matters. For further details, please call us on 020 7022 9891. Our specialist solicitors will look beyond your initial injury to explore both your initial entitlement as well as financial losses that may arise from it.

If you have sustained a personal injury there may be consequences beyond the immediate physical and psychological damage you are feeling, which could have longer-term financial repercussions. You might, for example, require more treatment than is available free of charge on the NHS. If your injury has caused or leads to disability this could, unfortunately, limit your employment prospects. Find out more about our Personal Injury lawyers and their services.

Personal injury pay out of £1.25M for fast food delivery driver in serious road traffic accident

Vashti Prescott, our personal injury lawyer, based at Kidd Rapinet Canary Wharf has successfully settled on a £1.25M personal injury claim for a fast-food delivery driver injured in a road traffic accident.

In June 2016, while working as a fast-food delivery driver, Mr M was involved in a road traffic accident.  A taxi pulled over to drop a fare paying passenger off. The passenger opened the rear door of the taxi, directly into the path of Mr M knocking him to the floor. Read more about this personal injury claim.

NEWS: Compensation for your injury – did your no win, no fee injury lawyer really achieve the right compensation for your injury? 

In the past few years, there has been a rise in no win, no fee, injury claims leading to a culture of what the insurance industry describes as ‘ambulance chasing.’   This has also raised many fraudulent claims, however, in amongst the noise are a great many innocent people who have suffered personal injuries and received settlements that fall significantly below their entitlement.  Read more re did you receive the right compensation for your injury?

NEWS: Secondary victims are entitled to compensation

A secondary victim is someone that witnesses an incident or accident but has not been directly involved themselves.  To pursue a secondary victim claim there must be recognised trauma /impact on someone’s mental health that can be diagnosed by a clinical psychiatrist.   Sadly, the recognised disorders in secondary victims are often Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Anxiety, Agoraphobia and Panic Disorders, amongst others.  Read more on secondary victims and compensation …

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First Love Foundation Appeal

Our solicitors are supporting the worthy Tower Hamlets’ charity First Love Foundation’s Love Christmas Appeal again this year.

This is a local E14 charity helping local people in crisis over the Christmas period.


We have organised an in-house collection of non-perishable food items (alcohol free) and gifts for both men and women (parents often get overlooked) together with a donation tin for any monetary donations.  Contributions will be welcomed from any clients attending our offices.

Silver Recycling Standard Award

Miller Evans are delighted to have been awarded First Mile’s Silver Recycling Standard for our recycling achievements throughout the year. 

Recycling by our staff is encouraged throughout our offices with recycling bins are in every room which are emptied weekly by First Mile.

The award is an acknowledgment of our ongoing commitment to sustainability and ensuring that our waste is responsibly managed.

Our recycling achievements

Miller Evans & Co are pleased to participate in One Miles recycling programme which confirmed that this year we have recycled 510 kg of materials and saved 10 trees from destruction.

Senior Partner Charlotte Miller said “We encourage thoughtful recycling throughout the firm and are happy to see the measured consequences of our determined effort – and to know that we are reducing our contribution to landfill. We will strive to improve our recycling efforts further next year.”

We have:

  • recycled a total of 510 kgs    
  • saved 10 trees 
  • offset 1 tonne of CO2

tonnes CO2 off-set: 1

aved 10 trees tonnes CO2 off-set: 1

Heart of the City Certificate of Achievement


Fiona Morris Practice Manager receiving Heart of the City Award

On 6th December 2017 our Practice Manager Fiona Morris was presented with our Certificate of Achievement from Heart of the City. The certificate recognises our commitment to being a responsible business having successfully completed their newcomers’ program.

The Heart of the City encourages businesses in London to go above and beyond their core work to significantly impact the regeneration of their local communities – and helps them set up a strategic approach to community engagement.

Visit their website here.