Our fees

We are very conscious that clients want to avoid high legal bills. We always explore the cost benefit with clients and in many cases, we may be able to offer flexible payment options.

The Fee Earners hourly rates range from £155 to £350 + VAT depending upon qualifications and experience.

Although we provide fixed and tailored costs estimates depending upon the specific needs of your case, our fees can range between the following:

  • Commercial Property / Leases

£350 to £3,995 depending upon the value of the transaction + VAT and disbursements

  • Company and Commercial

We can prepare Shareholders Agreements and advise with regards to company procedures from as little as £1,000 + VAT depending upon the complexities involved. In some cases, this can increase to £5,995 +VAT if the matter involves a complex transaction.

We can also advise in relation to Company procedures and acquisitions and our fees usually range from £2,500 to £15,000 + VAT depending on the value of transaction and the client’s objectives.

  • Employment Settlement Agreements

£250 to £550 +VAT

  • Enfranchisement and Lease Extensions

To purchase the freehold £795 + VAT plus £230 + VAT per additional purchaser

To serve an initial notice requiring the freehold sale and dealing with the counter notice £1,500 +VAT plus £230 + VAT for every additional purchaser and disbursements

To extend the term of the Lease £795 + VAT and disbursements

To serve a section 42 notice requiring a lease extension and dealing with the counter notice £950 + VAT and disbursements

  • Probate

We usually find that our Probate matters are finalised at a cost of up to £3,000 + VAT and disbursements.

If the deceased’s Estate is of high value, the average cost could range between £5,000 to £15,000 + VAT and disbursements.

  • Residential Conveyancing of existing properties worth up to £1,00,000

£600 to £1,195 depending upon the value of the transaction + VAT and disbursements

  • Wills and LPA

£350 + VAT single Will

£600 + VAT for two mirror Wills

£400 + VAT per LPA plus disbursements (single person)

£700 + VAT if having both Health and Finance LPA plus disbursements (single person)