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Our specialist Personal Injury solicitors are experienced in looking beyond your initial injury to explore both your initial entitlement if your injury was an accident, as well as financial losses that may arise from it.

If you have sustained a personal injury there may be consequences beyond the immediate physical and psychological damage you are feeling, which could have longer-term financial repercussions. You might, for example, require more treatment than is available free of charge on the NHS. If your injury has caused or leads to disability this could, unfortunately, limit your employment prospects. Find out more about our Personal Injury lawyers and their services.

NEWS: Compensation for your injury – did your no win, no fee injury lawyer really achieve the right compensation for your injury? 

In the past few years, there has been a rise in no win, no fee, injury claims leading to a culture of what the insurance industry describes as ‘ambulance chasing.’   This has also raised many fraudulent claims, however, in amongst the noise are a great many innocent people who have suffered personal injuries and received settlements that fall significantly below their entitlement.  Did you receive the right compensation for your injury?  read more

NEWS: Secondary victims are entitled to compensation

A secondary victim is someone that witnesses an incident or accident but has not been directly involved themselves.  To pursue a secondary victim claim there must be recognised trauma /impact on someone’s mental health that can be diagnosed by a clinical psychiatrist.   Sadly, the recognised disorders in secondary victims are often Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Anxiety, Agoraphobia and Panic Disorders, amongst others.  Read more

NEWS: personal injury compensation pay out of £1.25M for fast food delivery driver in serious road traffic accident

In June 2021, personal injury lawyer Vashti settled a £1,250,00 claim on behalf of Mr M on the basis that he would need care for the rest of his life. He will not be able to work again and may well need an above the knee amputation in the future.

The claim was challenging not only due to the complexity of the injury, but due to the fact that during the course of the claim we went through Brexit and the pandemic. The pandemic saw Mr M’s struggle to have food and care delivered to him. He was reliant upon NHS staff to deliver food to him, assist him to wash and shower and clean the one bedroom apartment he was confined to. Because of the staff shortages, he would go days sometimes without any form of assistance. Read more …

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